Candidate for alderman in Magé – RJ uses the name Bitcoin in the electoral register

Competing for the first time for a post, „Magno do Bitcoin“ did not have any goods declared to TSE

A political candidate for the position of councillor in the interior of Rio de Janeiro decided to use Bitcoin’s name in the electoral register. According to TSE, Magno Bitcoin is running for the city of Magé – RJ.

In search of being a city councilor, „Magno do Bitcoin“ presents a candidacy register that involves the name of a cryptomeda. Running for the Republicans‘ party is the first time a citizen will run for an elective seat in Brazil.

According to the candidature register, Magno do Bitcoin has not registered any goods on the website of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). On the other hand, the candidate hopes to spend R$123,938.93 (US$123,938.93) on the elections in 2020, in search of a seat as a councillor.

Magnum of Bitcoin

Until then, Magno do Bitcoin is the first candidate in the 2020 elections who will use the name of a cryptomeda on the electoral register. In the social networks, the candidate presents himself as a „developer of people and business“.

In an announcement about the campaign for victory, the candidate Magno do Bitcoin de Magé – RJ talks about his campaign proposal. For him, it is important to generate employment for the city, in addition to ensuring means of training young people.

„Today I come to ask you for support in my campaign, especially you who are close. We will bring more jobs and professionalize more young people in our city“.

The name „Magno do Bitcoin“ appears in a ’saint‘ of the candidate for the position of councilman published on Facebook. Next to him is the candidate for the City Hall of Magé – RJ, the businessman Ricardo da Karol (PSC).

Candidate uses name of Bitcoin (Reproduction/Facebook)

On the other hand, there is no mention of the Crypto Investor by the candidate for councillor in the campaign announcement. Besides talking about employment and more opportunities for young people as a campaign proposal, Magno do Bitcoin points out that he has always been involved with demands aimed at the population.

„From a very young age I have always thought differently from most of my friends. I have always been concerned with actions that were not properly taken in our neighbourhoods“.

Cryptomoeda Declaration

The start of the 2020 Elections was made with the authorisation of the election campaign recently. As reported by the Cointelegraph, in addition to using Bitcoin’s name on the electoral register, a balance in cryptomoedas was declared by candidates in Brazil.

In total, around R$1.2 million in Bitcoin were declared by candidates running for the elections in 2020. Over 20 BTC units were declared.

In one case, the candidate for the 2020 Elections with more cryptomoedas, declared having about 15 units of BTC. In other words, the declared value corresponds to more than BRL 908,000, considering the price of Bitcoin on Tuesday afternoon (29).

Elections 2020

Elections in 2020 have undergone a change in the calendar caused by social isolation due to the New Coronavirus. Until then, the first round was supposed to take place on 4 October, but was postponed until 15 November 2020 by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE).

Similarly, cities that have a second round will have their elections postponed from 25 October 2020 to 29 November. According to the TSE, the 2020 Elections broke records by registering 545,000 candidates.

Last Sunday (28), Brazilian electoral propaganda was released through the internet. Meanwhile, radio and television advertisements of candidates like the Magno do Bitcoin should only be released as of 20 November.